The Tank of the Sea.
Figure 1 The Tank of the Sea.

In the jungle of the ocean deep, the GREAT WHITE SHARK (GWS) is King. Few can or will even attempt to challenge his formidable power and authority. Constantly roaming (like many other shark species, he must keep moving or he’ll drown), he is compelled by the simplest of desires, to survive. And yet, the simplicity of his focus is made all the more easier by the fact that he is a force of nature, capable of tremendous destruction and loss of life. And like the Great White of the sea, on the street, there is only one predator that can match its ability to cause total desolation: the tank.

Shark in Shanghai.
Figure 2 Shark in Shanghai.

Tanks and other armored vehicles, like the LAV-25 and the Tunguska are the Great White sharks of the Battlefield universe. By treating them as such, I guarantee you will see your effectiveness behind the cannon, and your ability to “survive” those that would see you hang from the highest perch for all to see and photograph (see Figure 3), increase dramatically.

How the hell do you treat a tank like a Great White shark?”

First and foremost, you must learn to think like a Great White. Ask yourself, is there anywhere in the entire ocean that the GWS would fear to go? The answer is “probably not.” Likewise, tanks and the other armored vehicles have no problem going pretty much anywhere on the map they damn well please, for example, inside the buildings.

In an undated photo provided by the Oregon State Police, a 12-foot Great White Shark is displayed near Depoe Bay, Ore.  A 20-foot recreational fishing boat brought the shark to Depoe Bay and it likely died Saturday after getting tangled in his crab pot lines.(AP Photo/Oregon State Police
Figure 3″Hung from the highest perch…”

Many of the buildings in BF4 are accessible to the big armored vehicles and provide important opportunities to cause epic amounts of mayhem. In addition, they afford protection from enemy intent on sending your jaws to the taxidermist.

As the images below demonstrate, like caves deep in the ocean, there are numerous buildings in the game that you and your tank can and should explore (see Figures 4-7).



Park here when defending ALPHA in Rush mode.
Figure 4 LANCANG DAM: Park here when defending ALPHA in Rush mode.
Or here.
Figure 5 LANCANG DAM: Or here.
Waiting for the enemy at BRAVO.
Figure 6 SHANGHAI: Waiting for the enemy at BRAVO.
Or across the way at ALPHA.
Figure 7 SHANGHAI: Or across the way at ALPHA.

From an offensive perspective, the ability to bust down the doors, means that you can gain ground deep in your enemies position, and then, like a Great White trapped in a puny metal cage, lay the area to waste. I like to use this tactic in the map DAWNBREAKER during RUSH attacker-mode.

The LAV is perfect for smashing through the walls of either ALPHA or BRAVO, and then once inside, the enemy has nowhere to hide (see Figures 8-9).

Like a Great White of the concrete, I attack the tail by driving the LAV along the area between the water and the stairs. Once I get to BRAVO, I make a hard right, jump over the stairs and SMASH through the paned window (see Figure 8).

Another nice place to park your rig is in FLOOD ZONE when playing CONQUEST. Taking a flag here allows you to cover 95% of your armor while you wait. Also, if there are enemy here when you first arrive, they won’t believe it when they see you drive your LAV in and blow them to bits. (see Figure 10).

Figure 8 DAWNBREAKER. I like to start at BRAVO when I attack the first objectives.
Figure 9 DAWNBREAKER: “Like a Great White trapped in a puny metal cage” make sure you “lay the area to waste.”

But be forewarned, some courageous souls will try to use shoulder-mounted rockets and C4 on you, which, in the confined space inside the building, can be disastrous for both of you. Moving back and forth with malicious intent will often result in running over the aggressors, but not always. Better to have a gunner take them down if possible. Then, you can move on to the next feeding frenzy.

Figure 10 FLOOD ZONE: The perfect “place to park your rig” while you take CHARLES.

One of my favorite scenes in the classic film “Jaws” is at the end of the second act when Brody’s kid and friends are trolling in a pond, never imagining that a Great White could fit in the pond’s shallow and confined waters. Then suddenly you see a hippie yelling, “Shark! Shark! It’s going into the pond! Somebody do something!” But what can you do to stop a GREAT WHITE SHARK once its made up its mind it wants to devour you? Not a whole hell of a lot, regardless of whether its trolling the open sea, or the street.


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