BOOM Salad

Since BS-SUB-ART-2its inception, the experiment I have called BOOM Salad, has always been about one thing:

…to provide the discerning gamer with thought-provoking and often challenging articles that promise to delve deeper into the social significance and cultural influence of video gaming.

With this auspicious goal in mind, I have labored to meet, if not exceed, this standard with every issue I have released. This continues to be my goal and that of my associates, as our concept evolves and becomes more varied in its views and overall focus.

Of course, gaming will always be the centerpiece of our considerations, but we look forward to an opportunity to “think bigger thoughts” about other things, as we continue this journey into our post-modern world and culture.

We welcome any comments or thoughts or criticisms. Bare in mind that we do not tolerate childishness.  We are open to content suggestions as well. email me at

BOOM Salad’s first logo.