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BOOM Salad Presents: “This Video is DURTY…”

Come and see the future of cinema as Durty, the BOOM and friends, go DEEP on some of their favorite Battlefield 4 maps.

BOOM Salad presents: eat my smaw

Watch the BOOM get his revenge on the SMAW eating BURRITO.

durty, BOOM, and the future of the Whiteout.

durty shows you the future of Whiteout…

BOOM Salad presents: Cloud Surfing in Shanghai.

Join the BOOM and his friends as they use the PWC to cloud surf Shanghai.

BOOM Salad presents: RPG MAGIC!

Watch the BOOM use his magical RPG to turn the enemy into pudding.

BOOM Salad 出品:durtyrezkidz, 也称为”TURBO AJ LITTLE BIRD.” 枪林弹雨!

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我非常骄傲地向我们的读者宣布,BOOM最新赞助的人: durtyrezkidz, 也就是“Turbo AJ Little Bird。”

结合我们以往的经验, 非常明显他是我们所见过的最好的侦查直升机的飞行员。快来观看视频和感受他精湛的技巧吧······天空就要塌了。

BOOM Salad Presents: BOT RAGE!!!!!

BOOM Salad Proudly Presents: durtyrezkidz, a.k.a “Turbo Aj Little Bird.” The Sky is Falling!

BS-Durty-Ann-Art-2Rarely does one get an opportunity to witness what happens when total mastery over fundamentals intersects with raw talent. And yet, that is exactly what has happened: lightning has struck the BOOM twice!

It is with great pride that I announce to our readers, the BOOM’s latest sponsee: durtyrezkidz, a.k.a. “Turbo AJ Little Bird.

He is simply the BEST Little Bird pilot we have ever seen, a remarkable statement considering our past experience. Come watch and be amazed…the sky is falling.


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