experiments in boom.

Greetings dear readers. It has been awhile since our last post and I wanted you all to know where I’ve been and what’s to come.

Back in January, I was given the opportunity to test out my theories regarding learning and teaching in a live environment, K-8.

Since then, I have accomplished some truly amazing things while validating my various pedagogic hypotheses. Moreover, I have begun to develop an approach to teaching that has the ability to renew programs that have suffered long-term dysfunctionality, regardless of the subject or the grade.

A methodology that is based in great part on the work of Dr. Susan Isaacs and her emphasis on PLAYful activity as a learning modality.

In any case, I promise a lot of content is coming. A LOT. Until then, please enjoy what we’ve already produced. Take a look in our archives. We’ve been ahead of the game for years. 

My very best to you all.