Dr. Chiro
Screenshot from our first episode of the Adventures of Chiro and Urg.

When we launched our first issue of BOOM Salad, back in May, we were determined to contribute something unique to the broader discussion of video gaming as a post-modern, socio-cultural phenomenon. Our goal was not only to examine, and at times, challenge, existing viewpoints but, (and here is where the BOOM is different from most other gaming webzines), to offer well-informed opinions and in-depth analysis. In other words, we didn’t just want to write about gaming, we wanted to educate the gaming community about gaming.

After our first year of publication, we can honestly say we have accomplished our goal, and in a manner we never could have expected. As of this writing, our website has entertained and informed nearly 20K visitors in only seven months time. Our top five articles average over 400 views, with our more recent racing through the top ten faster than any of their predecessors. Moreover, five of our front page articles, including our first interview with a female gamer, were translated into Spanish or Japanese. Not too bad for a startup webzine produced and maintained almost singlehandedly by yours truly.

The Thin Red Line Between
Art from one of our most recent and successful articles to date.

I would personally like to thank all of those who contributed their time and energies to the production of the first year of BOOM Salad and BOOM Salad Media. In particular, I would like to thank Ralph Blanchard, executive producer of the BOOM Salad original series, “The Adventures of Chiro and Urg,” and his amazing crew for their creativity and hard work. I would also like to thank my family for their continued support of this “insanity of Mr. Flowers” to elevate the discussion of video gaming to its appropriate significance in our culture. In addition, I would like to thank KING-DYLAN666, BOOM Salad’s brilliant Battlefield 4 sponsee for his willingness to represent the BOOM in such a dominant fashion (see videos posted below).

Finally, I would like to thank our readers, (from all over the world), and fans, and all of those who took the time to stop by our site to be entertained, informed, and challenged. It has been a pleasure and an honor, and we look forward to bringing you more BOOMalicious interviews and articles after the New Year. Until then, from everyone at the BOOM, to all of you, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Best wishes,

the BOOM.

PS. Don’t forget to stop by the BOOM and check out the KING’s latest videos of mayhem, and those of our distinguished friends!

Lettuce Tomato Grenade
Our first logo.

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