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So, you would like to donate to BOOM Salad? An excellent decision. Your progeny will celebrate your FORWARD THINKING…Why? First and foremost, because it demonstrates that you have both taste and discernment. You demand more from your gaming ‘zine than just a review of the latest release; you want to know why a game makes you go BOOM! And we do too.


BOOM Salad is a self-funded entity. We, therefore, accept with great humility any token of your patronage, and to show our appreciation, ALL WHO DONATE WILL BE ADDED AS VIPs to the OFFICIAL BOOM Salad BF4 Server on the Playstation Network, upon request. Just include your PSN ID with your donation and it will be added to the server VIP list. As a VIP,  you will receive exclusive invitations to VIP ONLY BOOM events that we will be hosting on our server throughout the year, as well as competitions for cool prizes. (Click here for more details about the OFFICIAL BOOM Salad BF4 Server).

For those whose generosity abounds, we wish to recognize in a unique and special manner.  Anyone donating $100 or more, will receive our LIMITED EDITION BOOM Salad Hoodie!

hoodieprintOn the front is an exclusive illustration of the BOOM Salad logo with an earlier version of our mascot design.

We have 23 of these and once they’re gone we won’t be making anymore! Sizes range from Small to XXL.

On behalf of Chiro and the rest of the BOOM Salad clan, I thank you and wish you great success in your wanton destruction of virtual lives

Dr. Urg.


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