Dr. Urg’s Tips and Tricks #3: “THE HAINAN DIP!”

The recipe for Hainan Dip is as follows:

Figure 7: "Place...tight nit...around Alpha.
Figure 7: “Place…tight nit…around Alpha.
  1. Six AT-M15.
  2. Two Grenades (your choice, but I prefer the HE or Incendiary).
  3. A safe distance away.

Place your ATs in a tight-knit pattern around ALPHA (see Figure 7). Then find a safe distance, and throw your grenades. After the dust settles, you should see a HUGE crater beneath and around ALPHA (see Figure 8). Now just sit and wait until the enemy comes and tries to arm it. The crater is so deep, there is virtually no way for them to reach the objective to plant the bomb. Like I said, it’s ALMOST unfair.

Figure 8: the "Hainan Dip!"
Figure 8: the “Hainan Dip!”

This also works offensively, but it’s a little more tricky because you have to arm ALPHA first, and then lay down your ATs, all while the enemy tries to inject bullets into your body. But, if you can pull it off, you will make it nearly impossible for them to disarm the bomb before it blows. Once, again, the AT’s offensive and defensive roots shine through.

BUT BE FOREWARNED! Of all the BOOM Salad recipes we have provided in the past, you better use this one quick because it is OBVIOUSLY a GLITCH in the code and, sooner or later, DICE will figure it out and make the necessary changes (at the moment, they’re a little busy Nerfing the mortar deployment delay time; click here to read all about it in Jake’s BOOM Salad (BS) Translator).

So, there you go, the HAINAN DIP, both refreshing and delicious. But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and see. We are certain you will find it just as tasty and BOOMalicious (emphasis on the “Malicious“) as we do. Until next month, Happy Hunting!

Figure 9: History and Origin of Landmines.
Figure 9: History and Origin of Landmines.

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