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This aint no howl.

(Dedicated to j)

This aint no howl

It’s a slam glam broken plan

With nothing but dead bodies lying on the side of the damn road

And the echoes of young girls making promises

This aint no howl

There aint no jazz no jaguar no book shop in the middle of nowhere

No fast friends with junk in their arms and an emerald on the tip of your tongue

Im here and there and was and will be

Fast enough and late until I want 

Prove me wrong

Need is a callous foe and a lie

Love is the beginning of need

So what does that make us all?

Nothing…baby…nothing comes from everything

This aint no damn howl….

Its in the middle

At the beginning

For the end

Until the end

And after that well…

dogs and wolves don’t care no more

They just sleep

Like you

Like him

Like all of you…

But not me

I could sleep and still not close my eyes

I could stop breathing and still fill my lungs

I could be everything and nothing at once

And you still think you know me…

You don’t.

This aint no howl.