‘Death Dealing From Above’: The DdFA sits down with BOOM Salad to chat about puppies, kittens, and blowing-up virtual people with C4.

The KING lives!

Amongst the hundreds of clan names listed in the leaderboards of both Battlelog and BF4Stats, there are few who can strike fear in the hearts of their adversary like the DdFA. The following interview with their leader, KING-DYLAN666 (KD), and members Hard-J (HJ), and FuzzeePickle (FP), was recorded this past May, exclusively for BOOM Salad.

BOOM: Greetings and welcome to the first of our BOOM Salad interviews, where every month, we will feature a player or clan that we feel is important to gaming and the gaming community as a whole. Our first interviewees hail all the way from the Great Northwest of Canada.

Their leader, who goes by the enigmatic tag KING-DYLAN666, is ranked in the top 1% in 13 of the 22 categories listed on the website BF4Stats, and in the top 5% in all categories (see Part I of “The Panopticon in My Bedroom” for more info on the KING). On Battlelog, he is currently at the top of the list in total number of Kills and Time Played, and ranks second in total ScoreIn fact, in all of the leaderboards, he ranks high in Division 1.

BF4Stats Profile of KING-DYLAN666.
BF4Stats Profile of KING-DYLAN666.

BOOM: KING, it is an honor and a privilege to have you as our premier guest, how are you doing?

KD: Yeah, I’m pretty good. How are you tonight?

BOOM: Great KING, thank you. Also with us are the KING’s second in command, Hard-J, how are you sir?

HJ: Hello, I’m good, how are you doin?

BOOM: I’m doing well thank you. Last but not least we have one of the female members of DdFA, the talented and equally dominating FuzzeePickle, is it ok if I call you “FUZZEE”?

FP: “Yeah, that’s fine. Everybody does.”

BOOM: Excellent. Thank you FUZZEE, welcome to all of you, and a big welcome to all of our readers.

First question is directed at you KING. What does DdFA stand for and how did you come up with it?

Death dealing From Above.
The DdFA BF4-PS3 Server

KD: It stands for “Death dealers From Above.” I originally got the idea from playing Call of Duty (COD), because I used to be a big Call of Duty player. My brother got me into Battlefield 3 a few years ago. I was running through all of the Kill Steaks and [eventually] I got into the AC-130 and started killing the entire enemy team of 12 players, and I’m like, “I am dealing death from above.”

BOOM: Nice. So, how long has the DdFA been around in its current form?

HJ: [The KING] and I first met on Battlefield 4. I was just looking for a Canadian group to play with and I added Dylan hoping with my fingers crossed…(the KING laughs)…I could get in with some guys or a clan that knew what they were doing.

BOOM: Was this your first Battlefield clan?

KD: My first clan was in Battlefield 3 and then they kicked me out.

BOOM: Wait. They “kicked you out”?

Battlelog profile for Hard-J
Battlelog profile for Hard-J

KD: Yeah. And then I kind of branched out on my own and that was it.

BOOM: So DdFA has been together for what, a year?

KD: Probably about a year and a half now maybe?

HJ: Yeah. Somewhere in that.

BOOM: Are all the members from the same region in Canada?

KD: We are all pretty much spread out. We have players from Germany, England, a lot of people from the States. We are all over the place, which I like. I like the diversity.

HJ: You notice the different play styles people have from around the world, the way they fight differently.

BOOM: Interesting. Recently, I fought as an honorary member of DdFA, more of an observer than fighter I hate say. But I couldn’t help but notice how efficiently you work together and that your loadouts don’t overlap very much. In other words, I didn’t see 10 Engineers, or half a dozen Assault. It seemed to me that your clan covers all the bases.

HJ: Right. Exactly.

KD: Pretty accurate.

HJ: Because at the beginning of the match, I am asking people, “what’s everybody running?” You definitely don’t want four our five Support in one squad because that will do nobody any good. You need a balance of Assault and Support and Recon.

BOOM: That’s exactly what I noticed. I also noticed the King is hell on wheels when he plays Assault, especially in BOOM Salad’s favorite map, Operation Locker.

KD: Yeah. Right now I think I just passed Unknown_PaPa_G for number 24 in Assault.

BOOM: Ahhhh, your nemesis, the great “Unknown_PaPa_G.” Do you know this player King? He seems to be after your crown for High Score.

Battlelog profile for the Unknown_PaPa_G.
Battlelog profile for the Unknown_PaPa_G.

KD: I know, eh? What a guy. I know a guy who plays with him. From what I’ve heard, how he got past me was that he spent a ton of money on Gold Battlepacks and horded them…(Hard-J starts laughing)…horded the shit out of them.

BOOM: Ouch…(everyone laughs)…FUZZEE,  I want to get you into this conversation.

FP (laughs): K.

BOOM: What is your favorite loadout, what are you banging with these days?

FP: I definitely rock Support. I am always rocking Support.

BOOM: Nice. That’s not an easy loadout and yet you do it very well. Is there any other that you use in tandem?

FP: Oh heck no. I am always an AMMO bag and always C4.

BOOM: Holy crap! You’re a “mad C4 bomber”?!

FP: I love those C4 Kills…(Hard-J and the KING start laughing) What? I do?

HJ: There’s nothing wrong with that.

KD: It’s true and it’s funny.

Battlelog Profile for FuzzeePickle
Battlelog Profile for FuzzeePickle

HJ: You can’t help but laugh as FUZZEE gets like three or four kills with one C4…(FUZZEE laughs)…

FP: And I really enjoy sending C4 down in the elevator in Shanghai and then every time it closes I blow it up…(everyone starts laughing)…I always get kills. I love doing that.

BOOM: But of course you do much more than blow up unsuspecting elevator passengers. I have seen you throwing Ammo at everything that moves.

HJ: If we ever need ammo, FUZZEE comes running to the rescue…(FUZZEE laughs)…to feed us our magazines…

FP: I’m constantly running. I don’t like staying in one spot. I don’t know. I like running.

HJ: She’s always running. You call out for “ammo” and then you see her running across the battlefield…(the KING and FUZZY laugh)…with everything firing at her…and somehow she gets that ammo bag to you.

FP: And then I die.

HJ: Yeah “and then you die.”

(FUZZEE laughs out loud)

BOOM: That’s great stuff. Thanks again for that. To wrap things up KING, we have just a couple of questions left for you. First and foremost, how did you come up with the name KING-DYLAN666? Did you always know you were going to be KING?

KD: To tell the truth, I had another account when I was 14 or 15, it was DYLAN665. I started playing Call of Duty: World at War and then the system I was playing on got fried. So I needed a new account. I just threw the “KING” in there and then changed the five to a six, and there you go.

Battlelog profile for KING-DYLAN666.
Battlelog profile for KING-DYLAN666.

BOOM: Fascinating. Have you noticed how many have appended their PSN tags with 666?

KD: I didn’t used to see it as much as I do now. I see it more now then I ever used to. Which is kind of funny.

BOOM: It would seem you started a trend. I’m, curious though, do you still play COD?

KD: Nope, not at all. I don’t even touch it. I think that anyone that’s above 16 years old shouldn’t be playing it just because it is such a kid’s game.

(HJ laughs)

BOOM: So you haven’t played any of the latest releases Ghosts or Advanced Warfare?

KD: No. The last one I played was Call of Duty: Black Ops II and I didn’t even use my own account.

BOOM: I imagine there are some COD players who are going to have something to say in response to your comments. One last question KING, what would be your advice to a player who wants to be as good as you? In fact, let’s open that to all of you, what do you say?

HJ: Go out there and just cause mayhem.

KD: Yeah. Pretty much.

HJ: I mean, that’s what it’s all about.

BOOM: Indeed. Well thank you all again. KING, Hard-J, FUZZEE, for taking the time to share your viewpoint with our readers. It has been very entertaining and informative.

KD: Thank you.

FP: Thanks.

HJ: Yeah Thanks.

BOOM: Good night.

BOOM Salad: "Where Smart People Go BOOM!"
BOOM Salad: “Where Smart People Go BOOM!”

BOOM Salad will be hosting the DdFA clan on Saturday, June 27, 2015 from 1 pm EST till the King gets bored killing you, on the OFFICIAL BOOM Salad BF4 Server for PS3. Come test your metal against some of the best in the World. We hope to see you there! KA-B()()()()M!



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