The ALL NEW Adventures of Chiro and Urg!

Welcome to the BOOM Salad ORIGINAL SERIES

“The Adventures of Chiro and Urg.”

Episode 1.0 PILOT “Dreams of BOOM!”

Urg’s dreams of going home to his Mama are dashed when he discovers there is no escaping the BOOM!

Episode 1.1 “The Birth of Augustus.”

Chiro meets Augustus for the first time in, “2000 years.”

Episode 1.2 “Augustus LIVES!”

After stealing Augustus from the museum, Chiro tries to convince Urg that the great Caesar is alive, and in their bedroom.

Episode 1.3 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: “Killer Surgery.”

Urg must perform his most delicate surgery to date, without anesthesia, for him or his patient. To All of our readers and fans, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

CHIRO AND URG ARE LOOKING FOR PRODUCERS! If you or someone you know has an Adventure of Chiro and Urg to tell, send us an email at BOOM@BOOMSALAD.COM and tell us what you have in mind. Who knows, you may be the next great director of the Chiro and Urg saga.


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